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Instructions for use:

It is important to note that when the toaster is placed on a gas flame the mesh side must be at the top and the smooth concave size at the bottom, i.e. the side that touches the gas flame.

The toaster must only be used on LP gas, preferably on medium flame, and at no stage on open fires or HP gas.

The toaster must not be handled when hot as the metal plate (toaster) retains its heat and could cause serious burns if handled. It is recommended that you use tongs to handle the toaster, as well as when turning the toast or removing the toaster from the flame to cool down.

For the best results for even toasting, place the toaster on a medium LP gas flame and allow to heat up for at least 1 minute. Place desired bread on toasting surface. Monitor carefully as it could take as little as 30 seconds per side to toast. When one side has been toasted, turn bread with tongs to toast the other side. Note: Brown bread could take longer to toast.

When used as a heat spreader, place cooking utensil, e.g. pot on the toasting surface. If pot is too large then let is project both sides. It has been scientifically proved that it is more economical to use a heat spreader than cooking on a direct flame, as the pot cooking surface heats up evenly.

The Kulu gas toaster can also be used for warming pies etc. by wrapping pie in tin foil and warming each side for approximately 5 minutes.

Composition / size

The Kulu gas toaster has been designed to last for a long period of time. It is made of 1.6mm aluminium and includes expanded mesh, which is hardy. Each toaster measures 23cm x 23cm


Each Kulu gas toaster is packed in a durable polybag with a strong colourful header, which includes a 30mm x 10mm Euro hole for easy display on in-store pegs.

The toaster also includes a colourful and descriptive insert showing two illustrations, one with a toaster on a gas bottle and the second showing the gas bottle and the toaster with 4 slices of toast.

This has been done to ensure that the end user will know which side goes on the gas flame and which side is for the toast.

Product care

When the toaster has cooled down and cold, brush out mesh with a stiff nylon brush and wash if necessary.

Please note that the smooth side of the toaster should always be concave. If not, place mesh side down on smooth surface, and with foot apply downward pressure to restore indentation.

LP gas safety tips

  • Do not place gas cylinder on stove and keep away from heat source.
  • Always remove gas cylinder control key when cylinder is not in use.
  • Do not use gas in an unventilated room.
  • Always keep gas cylinder in an upright position.
  • Visit the Liquified Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa at www.lpgas.co.za for any further information that you may require.

Additional information

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