Paloma Standard Remote Controller


Paloma Standard Controller features:

  • Allows you to pre-set 2 different water temperatures for general use or for when the bath-fill function is in operation;
  • Comes with a bath-fill function to select a volume of water at a particular temperature;
  • Beeps when selected volume has been reached;
  • Available for kitchen and bathroom;
  • Kitchen max temperature can be set to 60’C;
  • Bathroom max temperature can be set to 50’C.

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Paloma Temperature Controllers

Paloma have developed optional, programmable temperature controllers that allow you to precisely set the temperature of your gas geyser, in 2 different situations. Should you choose not to take a controller the temperatures will be pre-set.

Installing a Paloma Temperature Controller

  • Do not install the control outside or in any position where it could come into contact with water or steam.
  • Ensure control is placed out of reach of children.
  • Remote controllers should be installed somewhere convenient such as in the kitchen, laundry room or near the bathroom.
  • Up to 3 controllers can be installed per unit, in different rooms of the building, however they will not act in isolation and all control the temperature for all taps.
  • Avoid installing the control near any heat sources such as stove, ranges or heaters.
  • Avoid placing the control in direct sunlight.
  • The maximum distance between the gas geyser and the temperature controller is around 20 – 25m.
  • Fitting size – twin flex 0.5mm


Do not attempt to disassemble a Paloma Temperature Controller. For any issues, please return it to us.

Paloma Temperature Controllers should not be fitted to a gas geyser that is part of a solar water heater system because water at a temperature much higher than the maximum allowed by the controller, can be delivered.

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